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Does "Crack the NBDHE" have a score guarantee?
If you demonstrate that you have taken our exams with passing scores, and still do not pass, we have you covered. As a testament to showing you how much we care for your success on the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination, we provide all of our students with a pass guarantee! If you do not pass the real NBDHE, we’ll credit you back. You will need to demonstrate that you’ve used 'Crack the NBDHE' for at least a month and have taken all the tests and have emulated the actual test in the same manner you would at the test center. We can offer this guarantee because of our wonderful track record and the fact that dental students and dental hygienists have trusted and relied on us for over 10 years. We are confident that our ground-breaking preparation tools, programs and our amazing 'Crack the NBDHE' service will help you gain the ultimate edge that you deserve on the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination!

It is important to note that our service ONLY helps you determine if you are ready for the Dental Hygiene Boards. It is NOT a panacea as we do NOT claim that if you only take our tests that you’ll pass! We only provide mock tests for you to simulate and determine if you have the knowledge and skillset to pass the real exam. In fact, passing our tests the first time around is a good indicator that you’ll pass the actual exam. So if you demonstrated that you have passed our mock exams, the first time around, but fail the actual exam, then you qualify for the guarantee. If you did not pass our tests, then that’s a good indicator that you simply were not ready!

Note that ALL Tests must have been passed the FIRST time around in ACTUAL TESTING CONDITIONS mode. This is a litmus test which shows that you were not walking into the actual test with failing scores already on our practice tests. Note that all three things in capitalized letters must have been fulfilled to be eligible. Did that happen? If it did not, then you do not qualify for extension. We will log into your account to confirm, so if you did NOT fulfill these three parameters, then you do not qualify.
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  • Does "Crack the NBDHE" have a score guarantee?
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  • Will I be able to abort a test and resume it later?
  • Where do I view the explanations?
  • What is the correlation of my practice scores vs real test?
  • How can I get my automatic updates to the newest versions?

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